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PC & Laptop Repairs

Has your CD drive stopped working? Is there no sound coming out of your speakers? Has your laptop screen been damaged? Does your PC simply do nothing? Whatever your problem is Atec will diagnose and repair your hardware or software problems, whether it be sourcing and installing a new piece of hardware or repairing a broken software driver. No problem is to small.

Virus & Spyware Removal

Has your internet browser been hijacked by unwanted pop ups, redirected to unwanted web pages and has your home page been changed without your permission? Do you have excessive pop ups which include bogus programs that try to trick you into buying their software? Do you have programs installed which you don't remember installing? Has your computer slowed down significantly? These are just a few of the symptoms that show your computer is infected. No antivirus/spyware program can remove every type of threat so other methods are required to remove these pesky programs. If your computer is infected then Atec can provide an efficient cleaning process on your computer.

Operating System Installs

Is your computer constantly crashing? Is your computer severely infected with malicious software and heavily bogged down? Does your computer fail to load? Provided that we have ruled out any hardware problems then sometimes the best solution is to wipe the computer and re-install the operating system from scratch. This can actually be quicker than trying to diagnose an intermittent problem or cleaning a severely infected computer. This brings it back to the state it was when you purchased it. We will back up all your files before the process and put them back on your hard drive when the process is complete.

Computer Hardware Upgrades

Has your computer been cleaned but still seems sluggish? Do you have problems playing HD video content? Do you require extra functionality on your PC? These types of problems can be solved by installing a new piece of hardware, just contact Atec and we will have a look at your PC and advise what piece of hardware you require.

Data Recovery

Has your computer failed and is not repairable? Have you accidently deleted some photos from your digital camera's memory card? We provide a data recovery service that can attempt to recover lost files.

Data Backup

Is your data safe? People store photographs and important files on their PC's hard drive and do not take into consideration what would happen if their hard drive were to fail, years of photographs and files would be lost forever. Atec can advise the best strategy and assist in setting up a back up solution to protect your files.

Wireless Network Setup

Is your wireless connection protected and secure? A great deal of people set up their own wireless network and don't realise that they have left it open for anyone to access. They are risking strangers using there internet connection which they could use to download illegal content, on top of that they have left the door open to hackers who can steel user names and passwords for their email accounts and online banking accounts. People also believe they have secured their wireless network but don't realise they have used an old encryption technology which can be hacked in no time. Atec can secure your wireless connection and provide you with a safe internet experience and piece of mind.


Do you want to now how to transfer photos from your mobile to your PC? Perhaps you have loved ones abroad and you can't work out how to set up your webcam in Skype so you can talk to them over the internet for free? Are you struggling to use Microsoft Word or Excel? The list of things that people may struggle with is endless. Whatever you need help with, contact Atec and we will come round to your home or office and teach you how to do things properly in a friendly and easy to understand manner.

Small Business

Do you have more than one computer? Do you have to manually move files on memory sticks to work on other computers in your office? Is your businesses data safe? Atec can network your computers together so that they share files from a central location which allows you to work and access files from any computer. A lot of small businesses operate without backing up there important data, loss of data can cripple a business. Atec can work with you to make sure your businesses data is backed up and safe should there be a hardware failure.

and much more...

Perhaps you have an issue which is not listed in our services. Maybe you just want help configuring your iPad or your new Android mobile phone. Whatever it is you need help with, contact us and we will provide assistance to help you solve your problems.

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